Lohncontrol.com — innovation facts

Lohncontrol project, as developer of the B2B lohncontract.com platform and the LOHN token, will democratize industrial goods production by creating an ecosystem that will remove geographical, linguistic or economic barriers.

The lohn, as a model of economic activity, has more than six decades and will last as much as capitalism. The ultimate aim of capitalism is maximizing profit. The main means of achieving this goal is cost optimization and relocation of industrial goods production in emerging economies just this means: low cost of labor and cheap basic raw materials. It produces cheap in developing countries and is expensive to sell in developed economies. Companies support, because lohn production is predominantly the value of companies powerful, capable of sustaining large-scale manufacturing orders in business environments often hostile or under-regulated as emerging economies.

Blockchain brings novelty to creating this new business model by introducing by lohncontrol smart contract a new consensus protocol that represents the technological innovation of the project. Proof-of-Tasks, the new consensus protocol, guarantees that all parts of a contract lohn will receive their payment for the services they provided at the time they performed the tasks. It brings exactly what has been missing so far to the companies thousands of miles from each other to develop business together: TRUST.

The platform will facilitate direct contact between small and medium-sized businesses around the world, responsible for achieving 60% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Clients will benefit from such quality products at decent and very fast rates, as demanded by today’s consumption.
I’ll give you another relevant example: Selling products on Amazon, which represents the business of the moment on the internet not only in Romania, it involves the identification on one side of some easily marketable products and on the other hand the finding of a manufacturer from China or another emerging economy to manufacture them at a competitive price. Imagine how easy it will be to identify a suitable manufacturer for your products with a platform like lohncontract.com where you launch a fabrication order that is offered by dozens of manufacturers around the world thus obtaining the best price possible.
His investment will be secured by the smart lohncontrol contract because LOHN being a utility token is used to access the B2B lohncontract.com platform services in the sense that for any bid request launched, a buyer has the obligation to immobilize the transaction’s number of LOHN tokens equal to the amount to be paid for the products requested by the bid. In this way the money involved in the transaction between the parties will always be on the platform, their settlement depending directly on the fulfillment of the tasks assumed in the contract.

Lohncontrol develops a B2B platform for processing economy and proposes a innovative consensus protocol, Proof-of-Tasks, derived from Proof-of-Stake.